Tips for Better Video Interviews

Whether it’s a promotional video or documentary, virtually all professional videographers
can agree that audio isn’t just important; it’s essential. Video interviews can add helpful
narration to move a story along and engage viewers on a deeper level.
In a business intro video, interviews help the audience understand the people behind the
company — and in many cases, the culture. In marketing videos, interviews can drive
interest and brand loyalty among viewers, who can now put a “face” to the brand.
But not all video interviews are created equally — and they’re not as simple as putting
someone on camera and pressing record. If you’re shooting any sort of video that would
benefit from audio, here are some tips to capture quality video interviews. There are 3 Reasons To Keep Your Showreel Up To Date.


3 Reasons To Keep Your Showreel Up To Date


Your showreel says a lot about your acting performance and your passion for the career. There’s much work that goes into creating a good showreel that portrays your skills and talent.

But there’s something more important than merely having a “good showreel.” You need to make sure your showreel is up to date before you present it to casting directors.


Reason #1: YOU Change

Your showreel needs to showcase your most powerful acting work, as well as the most up-to-date. Why? Well, people change and improve over time.

If you are showing casting directors an old showreel, this might indicate a time when you were much less qualified as an actor compared to now.

As you practice acting, you improve over time. As you make mistakes, you learn from them. You act in one scene, and a week later, if you acted out the same scene, your performance might have significantly improved.

That’s why you need to keep your showreel up-to-date – so that you’re always presenting the newest and best version of yourself. You don’t pick the old loaf of bread at the front of the shelf – you reach for the upcoming fresh loaf at the back!

Reason #2: Techniques + Equipment Change

Techniques and equipment change drastically within such short periods of time. If you’re giving a showreel presentation to a casting director that’s from the year 2015, think again.
Since then, cameras, software, and many other aspects of filmmaking have improved in terms of quality and performance.

Not only that, but techniques have also changed. The way people act, cooperate, direct… Everything is always changing in the world, and acting is no exception.

The best practice for actor showreels is to create a new one each year that portrays short examples of your work throughout that year.

This not only keeps it up to date but also proves to casting directors that you’re passionate about working on and trying new things.

Reason #3: Shows Your Dedication

Always updating and improving your showreel doesn’t just portray your new skills. It also shows your dedication to casting directors.

It shows that you consistently put time towards creating something that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about and that you’re eager to entertain those who watch it.

To the casting directors, this also proves you aren’t lazy. You set aside the time and effort to produce something worthwhile, rather than “using something from last year.”

This dedication is key to landing a successful acting gig and keeping them interested in you as a preferred choice for the required work!

There you have it – the 3 top reasons why you should be keeping your showreel up to date. Is your new and equipped with all of your most recent accomplishments?

If not, consider creating a new one, especially if you’re struggling to get acting work. We can confirm that this is one of the most important things when trying to impress them with your showreel.

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Tips for Better Video Interviews

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